The Poet

The Poet, iOS word puzzle game

The Poet is a word puzzle game for iOS where you have to reorder the words scattered on different tiles so that they make an aphorism. 

You have to drag and drop words on the screen and reorder them to compose an actual famous sentence. As you progress through the levels you have less and less time to solve the puzzle and the number of tiles increases.

It's available on the App Store

Some technical details:

  • made with Cocos2D framework (after all it's a 2D game and back in the days there weren't many choices. Today I would rather use a different engine, but that's life)
  • integration with social networks like Facebook and Twitter. You can post your scores and achievements and ask your friends to beat you if they can!
  • it's my first game featuring anti-crack technology on iOS
  • I wrote most of the code.
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